Your Home Is Personal; So Is Setting Up Your Ring Devices.

Your Home Is Personal; So Is Setting Up Your Ring Devices.

At Ring, we offer whole-home security at every price point and for every type of home - from a house in Scotland to an Amsterdam houseboat, Ring users personalise their devices to suit where they live. The ideal way to set up your Ring devices therefore can vary depending on your situation. To help guide you, we've put together some simple tips to start setting up your Ring devices.

Setting up your device

  • When installing a Ring device on your property, orient the camera to make sure that any public areas and neighbouring properties are not in view.The user guide for your device can help with how to set up according to the field of view you want.
  • If necessary, use the Ring App to set the range and sensitivity of your Motion Detection or select the area within your device’s field of view where you want to monitor for motion via Customisable Motion Detection.
  • Use the adjustable Privacy Zones to mark out areas of your camera's field of view that you wish to block from Live View and video recording.
  • You can also disable Motion Detection on your Ring device altogether, so that the Live View or video recording is only activated when the bell button on your Video Doorbell is pressed, or you access Live View in the Ring App. Please note that video recording requires a Ring Protect Plan.
  • If you do not wish to record audio, you can disable this in the Ring App.

Using Control Centre

  • Familiarise yourself with Control Centre in the Ring App, where you'll find settings that can help further increase the security of your account, such as mandatory two-factor authentication, helping you prevent unauthorised access.
  • Add Shared Users to your chosen Ring devices so you can give family members the ability to view and receive Video Doorbell or Camera alerts or turn the alarm on and off, when they are coming home or heading to bed. This helps you maintain control over all your settings and you can grant or revoke Shared User access at any time.
  • If you have a Ring Protect Plan, you can set the storage period of your videos for up to 30 days. You can also delete videos at any time in the Ring App.

Informing your neighbours

  • Let your neighbours, landlord, or other relevant parties know that you are increasing the security of your home before you install your device. Depending on local legislation, you may need to obtain consent from all these parties before installing the device. We encourage Ring owners to make every effort to be a good neighbour.
  • If a Video Doorbell or outdoor Security Camera is not an option for your home, consider adding a Ring Indoor Cam or Stick Up Cam inside your house to keep an eye on your front door from the inside.
  • Last but not least, make visitors and neighbours aware of audio and video recording, by prominently displaying the free Ring stickers that come with your devices. This way, anyone visiting your home will know your home is protected by a Ring device that may be recording video and audio.

Finding out more

As always, please familiarise yourself with current requirements in your area, to ensure you comply with local laws and respect your neighbours' privacy. If in doubt, please seek advice.

For more information on how to best set up your devices, please also refer to the Installation Guide. Additional information can be found on our Privacy Page.