Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor: Bringing Even More Functionality to Ring Alarm.

Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor: Bringing Even More Functionality to Ring Alarm.

Ring Alarm has always gone above and beyond to protect your home and give you peace of mind with real time alerts any time your Alarm sensors are triggered. Now, Ring Alarm can do even more, with Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor. With this new sensor, you can detect valid glass break events like windows being smashed or cracked and dismiss false alarms like jingling keys or clattering dishes.

Using AI technology, Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor can detect the sound of glass breaking up to 25 feet (7.62 metres) away. If the sound is detected, you’ll receive a notification to your Ring app, so you can take action. You can also update your settings to automatically trigger your built-in Ring Alarm siren and additional Alarm Outdoor Siren when in Home or Away mode.

Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor is easy to install and can be added to your Ring Alarm in minutes by simply mounting it to your wall, ceiling or even furniture near glass doors and windows, so you can receive mobile notifications at the initial breaking of glass.

The Perfect Addition to Your Ring Alarm

We know that home security isn’t a one size fits all solution. Ring Alarm packs the power of a whole-home security system into an affordable, customisable DIY package. That means you can customise your Alarm to add as many Contact Sensors, Motion Detectors and now Glass Break Sensors as you need for your home.

From the easy installation and the easy to use Ring app, to the real time alerts and ability to work with other Ring devices, Ring Alarm provides you with all the pieces you need for complete peace of mind.

Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor is available for 45,00 € and will start shipping to customers on February 16th. To stay up to date with the latest information, sign up today on Ring.com.