Look Up, Down and Around with the New Pan-Tilt Mount for Stick Up Cam.

Look Up, Down and Around with the New Pan-Tilt Mount for Stick Up Cam.

From checking in on the corners of your living room to getting a view of the garden from side to side, your Stick Up Cam now has the power to look up and down, left and right, so you can see the whole picture. A first-of-its-kind innovation for Ring, Pan-Tilt Mount is a remotely-controlled motorised camera stand that you can easily attach to a Stick Up Cam enabling it to swivel and tilt — turning it into a whole new device.

Have A Look Around And See It All

Pan-Tilt Mount provides a 340° horizontal rotation and 60° vertical tilt. This expands the standard static 130° field of view on Stick Up Cam to an adjustable panoramic view of its surroundings.

To activate the new capability of your Stick Up Cam, tune into your camera’s Live View in the Ring app and select Rotate. From there you can pan up and down, left and right using the controls on the screen to see what’s happening from anywhere. Create your own default position to easily reorient your device when you’re done using Live View.

Pan-Tilt Mount is easy to install and connects to the camera in just a few minutes. Set it on a flat surface, like a tabletop or a shelf, and move it to another spot as needed, or mount it on a wall. And just like the Stick Up Cam, you can use the Pan-Tilt Mount inside or outside, thanks to its weather-resistant design.

If you have a Stick Up Cam Plug-in, Pan-Tilt Mount is powered without needing an additional electrical source. If you have a Stick Up Cam Battery or Stick Up Cam Solar, to power your mount, use it with an Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter, sold separately or as a bundle with the mount.

Get a More Complete View of Your Home

Wherever you place it, you’ll be able to check in on any room, wall to wall, to see if your pup is on the couch where they shouldn’t be, or scan the entire garden and bring blind spots into view, from wherever you are.

Pan-Tilt Mount for Stick Up Cam Plug-in is available to order now in white or black colours for 44,99 €. And if you don’t have a Stick Up Cam Plug-in yet, you can save by purchasing it together with the Pan-Tilt Mount for 129,99 €. 

For your Stick Up Cam Battery or Stick Up Cam Solar, order the Pan-Tilt Mount with the Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter for 54,99 €.