Faulty Goods-Your Consumer Rights

This page contains information about your consumer rights in relation to faulty goods.

What are my consumer rights if an item is faulty?

When you buy goods from a retailer, the law gives you certain rights that protect you in the event that the goods you have purchased are "faulty". This means your rights will apply when the goods do not conform to the contract between you and the retailer, either because (a) they do not match the description of the goods, (b) they are not of satisfactory quality or (c) they are not fit for purpose.

What is the difference between my consumer rights and the manufacturer's warranty?

Manufacturers often offer a warranty on their products, either for free or at a cost. Such warranties are always provided separately by the manufacturer and in addition to your consumer rights, which means they do not replace or limit your consumer rights in any way.

The coverage and duration of a manufacturer's warranty may vary, but usually it offers free repair or replacement for faults that develop with your product within a certain period of time.

For more information on the manufacturer warranties available for specific products offered on Ring.com, please refer to the item's product detail page for more information.

Who can exercise their consumer rights?

Your consumer rights only apply to goods that you have bought in your capacity as a consumer. This means you cannot exercise these rights for goods that you have purchased in the course of business, such as a laptop for professional use.

Who are my consumer rights valid against?

Your consumer rights are valid against the retailer who sold you the product in question, even if the retailer is different from the manufacturer of the goods.

What do my consumer rights entitle me to?

If the goods are faulty you are entitled to claim a repair or replacement of the goods from the retailer. Alternatively, if you have not used the goods, and they were faulty when delivered, you may be entitled to a full refund. If you have used the goods for more than six months, then before a repair or replacement is offered you may be asked to prove that the goods were faulty when delivered.

In some cases, repair or replacement is not possible, or would be disproportionately costly given the value of the goods and the nature of the fault. In these instances, you may be entitled to either keep the goods and claim a reduction in price from the retailer, or it may be possible to return the goods and obtain a partial refund. In determining the price reduction or the level of the refund, the retailer may take into account the use you have had of the goods since they were delivered to you. If you have used the goods for more than six months, then before a reduction in price or partial refund is offered you may be asked to prove that the goods were faulty when delivered.

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