Watch These Would-Be Burglars Get Stopped in Their Tracks by Ring

Watch These Would-Be Burglars Get Stopped in Their Tracks by Ring

We love hearing from happy customers. Most of the time, we hear about homeowners using Ring to capture footage of a thief on their porch or an attempted break-in at their home.

But some of our favourite moments are when we see a Ring Video Doorbell stop a burglar in their tracks. Traditional security systems alert you of a crime after it occurs, but these moments prove that, with Ring, you can stop crime before it even happens.

Today, we’re sharing videos from two homeowners who used Ring to do exactly that.

The first video comes from a neighbour named Chris, who’s had a few run-ins with unwanted visitors at his home in Decatur, Georgia. Chris came home one day and saw that someone had tried to break in. His alarm had gone off, and a window pane was cracked when the would-be burglars tried to enter the house. Luckily, the crooks weren’t able to get in, but Chris was understandably shaken up.

The very next day, Chris went to Best Buy and bought a Ring Video Doorbell. And just five days later, Chris received a motion alert from Ring, telling him there was activity on his porch:


The burglars darted off as soon as they heard Chris’ voice through the doorbell. From the comfort of his smartphone, Chris was able to confront the crooks and send them away. Although the suspects haven’t been caught yet, Chris feels safer knowing that he can use Ring to protect and watch over his home.


The next video is a great example of how Ring helps keep homes secure and families safe.

Andrew was away from home when he got a motion alert from Ring. In the corner of the video, he saw a strange man fiddling with something in his garden. Andrew then used his Ring Video Doorbell to confront the man and ask him to leave his property. That’s when this happened:


As promised, Andrew called the police, and about five minutes later, the man was arrested outside Andrew’s home.

With peace of mind restored, both Andrew and Chris went out of their way to thank Ring for a job-well-done.

“I can’t thank Ring enough,” said Chris. “Because of your product, my house remains intact, and so does my peace of mind. I highly recommend Ring to anyone that wants added comfort in their home.”

While we appreciate the gratitude, there’s no need to thank us. It’s the diligent homeowners who use Ring to watch over their homes and the local police who look after all of us that deserve the praise. We’re just happy to see that our products are making a difference for families around the world.

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