Say Hello to Your Extra Layer of Security With Ring Protect Plus

Say Hello to Your Extra Layer of Security With Ring Protect Plus

We’re proud to announce that Ring Alarm is now available, making whole-home security simpler than ever before. Now you can create your own customisable, self-monitored, and affordable home security system to best fit your needs.

Gone are the days of expensive security systems with long-term commitments. With a subscription to Ring Protect Plus, you can enjoy 30 days of video storage for only € 10 per month. With the arrival of Ring Alarm, enjoy opt-in Assisted Monitoring and additional cellular backup for your Alarm, to stay connected and protected at all times.

So, what are the benefits of Ring Protect Plus? Let's dive in.


Assisted Monitoring

Assisted Monitoring is an optional feature for Ring Alarm that allows you to notify your pre-selected emergency contacts via an automated call when a security issue is detected. This means your trusted contacts will also be notified during an Alarm event, and they can respond, even when you're unreachable. So, even if your phone is off or you're mid-flight with no signal, you're safe in the knowledge that your trusted friends and family members can respond accordingly to keep your home safe.

Ring Alarm monitors the sensors in your home and sends a signal to the Assisted Monitoring system when your alarm is triggered by a security event, such as opening a closed door or window, or walking past a Motion Detector. When you add Assisted Monitoring, not only will the siren be triggered, Ring Alarm will also send a signal to the monitoring service. The monitoring service will call your pre-selected emergency contacts, one at a time, until someone answers or until the system is disarmed. So, if your first emergency contact doesn’t answer their phone, the system will continue dialing through your chosen emergency contacts until the call has been answered and the notification acknowledged.



Cellular and Battery Backup 

Did you know that Ring Protect Plus also gives your Ring Alarm additional backup?

As Ring Alarm is designed to safeguard your most valuable possession, your home, it comes with an emergency system that will continue to protect your home even if something happens that would ordinarily knock your system offline. With Ring Protect Plus, you get additional backup.

Let us explain.

All Ring Alarm users benefit from the device's backup battery, which allows your system to keep working if the power goes out or your Base Station is accidentally unplugged. However, with Ring Protect Plus, any time your Base Station loses its connection to the internet, regardless of the cause, a cellular backup system will kick in. This will allow the system to continue to monitor your home so you’ll remain covered even if your internet connection goes offline.


Protect what's priceless

And that's not all. If you have additional Ring devices at your home, such as a Video Doorbell or Security Cam, Ring Protect Plus gives you 30 days of cloud video recording for all your Ring devices, so you’ll never miss a moment / thing.

What's more, with Ring Protect Plus, you’ll receive an extended warranty for all your Ring devices in one location, as long as your Ring Protect Plus subscription is active.

And if you want to expand your Ring of Security, you get 10% off all future device purchases with Ring Protect Plus.

Now, more than ever, we expect technology to make our lives safer, easier, and more convenient, all at an affordable price. At Ring, we believe your home’s smart security system should be no exception. Start building your Ring of Security today, and let Ring Protect Plus add an extra layer to help make your life even smarter.

With Ring Protect Plus, together with our new home security system, Ring Alarm , available today on for € 299, now you can protect what’s priceless.  

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