Ring Expands Support for Video End-to-End Encryption, Announces Additional Customer Utility Updates.

Ring Expands Support for Video End-to-End Encryption, Announces Additional Customer Utility Updates.

At Ring, we're always thinking about how we can create a great customer experience. This includes making it easier for you to manage your Ring devices and account. It also means providing you with the right tools and options to protect your personal information and videos.

Last year, Ring was one of the first in our industry to launch video End-to-End Encryption for our customers. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded support for video End-to-End Encryption to battery-powered devices. This brings an advanced encryption option to some of our most popular and affordable products, worldwide. We believe we should offer a full range of privacy options to as many customers as possible. And we know that different devices make sense for different living situations. That's why we've worked hard to bring this industry-leading privacy feature to as many of our camera and doorbell products as possible.

We also recently introduced another update to make it easier when you upgrade to a new Ring device or transfer your device to someone else. You no longer have to manually download all videos associated with your old device to avoid losing them. Ring subscribers can now place any device into the new Deactivated Device State. This lets you continue to securely access your saved events and videos on your Ring account even after ownership is transferred to a different user[1]. This feature provides privacy and peace of mind, knowing that your videos and events are securely stored and accessible. 

Deactivated Device State is also an option customers can choose when removing a Ring device from their Ring account through the new Remove Device Flow. Remove Device Flow gives you the option to Keep or Delete events/videos from the device, before you remove it from your Ring Account. If you elect to delete all events, we will delete those events and related videos. If you elect to Keep all events, then the device gets placed into a Deactivated Device State, letting customers with an active subscription revisit memories at any point. 

Learn more about Deactivated Device State and Remove Device Flow here

[1] Video access is based upon customer subscription terms. When a customer cancels a subscription, this will delete all events and videos.