Ring Announces International Availability of Video End-to-End Encryption.

Ring Announces International Availability of Video End-to-End Encryption.

At Ring, we're always looking at how we can continue to innovate for our customers, and security and privacy sit at the core of that. We build privacy and security into the process - designing our devices and services with these pillars front of mind, while putting our customers in control. Every day, our teams work hard to deliver on this commitment to our customers.

Privacy choices are important and everyone thinks about their privacy in a different way. That's why we continue to innovate on our customers' behalf, and to offer a range of settings to help people customise their experience, while staying safe and secure.

Video End-to-End Encryption Launches Internationally*

Earlier this year, we announced a technical preview of video End-to-End Encryption in the U.S. Today, we’re proud to announce that we're moving it out of technical preview and expanding the feature's availability to customers around the world*.

We believe that our customers should control who sees their videos. By default, Ring already encrypts customer videos when they are uploaded to the cloud (in transit) and stored on Ring’s servers (at rest). Now, customers around the world, with eligible Ring devices, can opt into video End-to-End Encryption, to add an extra layer of security that only allows their videos to be viewed on their chosen mobile device. This advanced security option is simple to set up via the Ring app, and offers additional peace of mind and protection.

For more information on video End-to-End Encryption, and to read our whitepaper, please visit ring.com/end-to-end-encryption.

Extra Security, Same Emphasis on User Control

We are always looking at ways to empower our customers with greater choice when it comes to their privacy and security, without compromising convenience. This week, we are rolling out a range of features that do just that.

Starting today, customers can choose a compatible authenticator app, in addition to existing methods like SMS, as their second method of verification when logging into their Ring accounts, offering convenience and choice while keeping it simple. We're also starting to roll out CAPTCHA in the Ring app as another safeguard that helps prevent automated login attempts from bad actors, providing yet another layer of security for our customers. Visit our Help Centre page about authenticator app support to learn more.

Finally, we will be launching a new, automated self-service process to allow customers to securely and conveniently transfer ownership of used Ring devices** without having to make a call to Customer Support. The new device owner will simply scan the barcode on the device during setup, and follow the instruction flow on the Ring app, which will also alert the previous owner. This process ensures that all videos and events from the previous device owner's account are no longer linked to the device before the ownership is transferred to the new customer. While our Customer Support team is always happy to help customers with any questions, this new automated process adds another easy DIY option.

How to Learn More

We're excited about these latest developments, and continue to invent new, useful features and services that provide customers with the controls most relevant to them. Across all of our products and services, we are committed to providing you – our customers – with privacy, security and control over your devices and personal information.

For more information on video End-to-End Encryption, and to read our white paper, please visit ring.com/end-to-end-encryption.

To learn more about Ring's privacy and security practices, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to enable video End-to-End Encryption and an extended list of eligible devices please visit our Help Centre.


*Video End-to-End Encryption may not be available in some areas. Various factors may impact availability, including applicable laws.

**The Self-Service Device Ownership Transfer process is not available if the device is marked as stolen, is enrolled in End-to-End Encryption or is linked to a Ring Protect subscription plan.