Now that we are spending more time at home, we also want to feel more at home. That's why a lot of people are making an effort to make their home more cozy, more beautiful and more safe.

In the coming weeks, neighbours in the Netherlands will receive a bunch of tips specifically on how to improve whole home security, as today the Dutch National Burglary Prevention Weeks kick off. During these weeks businesses and governments together share easy tips and tricks to help homeowners prevent burglaries.

Although the number of burglaries has fallen sharply in the Netherlands in recent years, over the past eight months, as many people started working from home, burglaries into sheds and cellars increased significantly.

To share whole home security tips, Ring is again partnering up with the Dutch National Burglary Prevention Weeks.

If you have expensive tools or bicycles in your shed or garage, you can keep an eye on them by placing a tiny camera, such as the Ring Indoor Cam, in there as well. Placing a camera outside your shed is also easier than ever before - there are even devices available that run on solar.

Right here you can read more on the Dutch National Burglary Prevention Weeks.