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Alarm Security Kit


    Alarm Security Kit
    7 piece

    \ Regular price 339.00 € 383.00 €

    Alarm Security Kit (for 7 piece)

    Alarm Security Kit
    7 piece

    Regular price 339.00 € 383.00 €

    A smarter way to protect your property from the inside out. Effortless to install and completely customisable to fit any home. Perfect to protect 2 windows and 2 rooms.

    • Base Station
    • Keypad
    • 2 Contact Sensors
    • 2 Motion Detectors
    • Range Extender


    Add additional components to fit your home.


    *Ring Alarm is currently only available in Ireland and the U.K.

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    Please note that Ring Alarm is only available in Ireland and the U.K. and is not currently suitable for any other country in Europe.

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